About Geneva Girl

Thank you for visiting my blog!  So, who am I?  I’m an overly-educated, stay-at-home mom who is still wondering after twelve years how I managed to end up in Geneva, Switzerland.

I want to share some of my misadventures with you.  If I have any real adventures, I’ll share those too, but I tend to have more of the mis- kind.

Despite living here so long I haven’t gone all Continental.  I tend to see life in Western Europe through a pair of cheap, rose-colored glasses, bought off the street corner in Philly, my hometown.  So, I see things from a slightly, off-kilter point of view.

I’m Geneva Girl or GG for short.  I quickly thought up this name a few years ago when I needed an online name to post a comment on a blog.  I should have Googled it first because when I did all kinds of inappropriate sites popped up.  Still, I like the alliterative sound of Geneva Girl, so it stuck.

I warn you now that I do have a potty mouth, but I’ll try to remember to clean up my language.  I do apologize in advance if I slip up.  Sometimes “eff it” just says it so succinctly.  Please do remember to watch your language.  I will delete any comments that are inappropriate.  Please be respectful and don’t take anything too seriously.  Just enjoy yourself while you’re here.

Thanks again for spending time at my blog.  I hope that you will enjoy what I have to say.

- Monica, aka GG

The Cast of Characters

George / Mr. G - George is my husband‘s online name.  He prefers to be anonymous on the Web.

Claire – Again, I am using an alias.   We prefer to keep our ten AND A HALF (that’s her shouting) year-old’s name private.

Family and friends please use these names if you care to comment.

4 Responses to About Geneva Girl

  1. cousin Richard says:

    You need a vacation.

  2. Sergio says:

    Hey this is Sergio from Shadow and Act. Tell me more about yourself. How did you wind up in Switzerland?

  3. Rich says:

    Monica, you da Man.

  4. RR aka Lammie says:

    Keep them coming.Love to have some pics of your 10 1/2 y/o . Will send e-mail to NW.

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