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Think gas prices are high?

I’m rather bemused by the American news stories about gas being $3.91 a gallon.  People are up in arms!  They’re riding their bikes; taking the bus. $3.91?  That’s a downright bargain!  Do you see those prices in the picture?  Those … Continue reading

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I’m melllltiiiing!

There is nothing that can bring on a hysterics in an eight-year old faster than a melted Easter bunny.  Ever since Claire’s chocolate Easter ducks melted (actually, their heads imploded) a couple of years ago, I’ve been reminded, “Don’t put … Continue reading

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Girlfriend was lost

After French class few weeks ago I boarded the #13 tram in front of the Cornavin train station heading towards Palettes.  I prefer to take the #15 because it’s more direct, but the 13 came first.  It was just a … Continue reading

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Just buy a car already!

Every year my husband anxiously awaits the Salon International des Inventions de Genève.  It takes place every year in early April and is billed as the most important inventions show in the world.  Personally, I was underwhelmed, but I think … Continue reading

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Too lazy to dye?

I spotted these shiny eggs in Globus, the upscale department store in Geneva.  They’re 70 centimes a piece.  They’re extremely pretty and crack-free – something we never seem to manage – but where’s the fun in buying dyed eggs? Dying … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

I hope that the Easter bunny was good to you!  She got a bit carried away at our home – that and my daughter was very successful at an Easter egg hunt. My munchkin was so proud of her Easter … Continue reading

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